Best Launcher Apps For Android


Android is the most popular UI in the market and it owes the success to the endless customization opportunities that it offers to its users. Unlike a lot of other UIs android does not restrict the user’s experience to just a few predefined features. One of the many customizable aspects of android is it’s launcher. A launcher comprises of your home screen and a catalogue of apps. Every device has a pre-installed launcher but you can download any launcher compatible with your phone from the google play-store. Launchers are an extremely crucial part of the experience on an Android phone.

Action launcher

Cost- Basic version is free but the upgrade costs $4.99+

Action launcher has been a favourite of android users for a very long time. Although it has stock android feel to itself it still comes with a lot of over top features that add uniqueness to the launcher. The feature called ‘Quicktheme’ allows you to customize the colour of the user interface according to your needs, for example you could use it to customize the colour according to your wallpaper. Another feature which goes by the name ‘Shutter’ lets you check the widget of an app without actually placing it on your home screen. It also comes with a lot of other features to help you customize your phone and make it look and feel more like Android Oreo. The launcher comes with icon-pack support a lot of other features to make the launcher even more desirable.

Apex Launcher

Cost- Basic version is free. The upgrade costs $3.99.

Apex Launcher is one of the oldest android launchers on the playstore and it continues to be one of the best launchers available. The launcher is very similar to Action Launcher in terms of look and feel. Both the launchers possess a very stock android feel and are minimalist in their approach. You will also get different icons for some popular apps like Creehack. The launcher does have a lot of additional features which give it an edge over the android user interface. Apex allows the user to alter the screen transition, animation, and gives the user a scroll dock where they can store multiple apps. The launcher comes with a theme engine which is really useful as  well and can change the way your phone looks completely Something to keep in mind is that the app is still in development and you can expect great things from it in the future updates.

ADW Launcher 2

Cost- Basic version is free, upgrade costs $3.49

ADW Launcher used to be a top notch launcher for android until unfortunately its developers stopped supporting it. However, not all good things come to an end, the launcher made a comeback as ADW Launcher 2 and it is the same in terms of quality- Top notch but there have been some changes in the features. This version has an updated user interface which lines up well with the stock android. The launcher also has shortcuts to launcher customization. It has various customizations and extensions. It also has this beautiful make your own widget feature which one of the best amongst all launchers.

AIO Launcher

Cost- You can download it for free or download the premium version for 1.99$

AIO Launcher is unique in comparison to other launchers. It actually does not have a stock android feel it instead it has an information filled list of things. The list showcases stuff like your system info, your media player, your latest SMS and calls, and it even displays twitter and news headlines. The launcher will provide you with a nice break from stock android and does it so well that you probably will not turn to the stock android look and feel again. You can also avail features like integration of several widgets from other apps.

Everything Me Launcher

Cost- The launcher is absolutely free.

Three years ago in 2015 this app left the play-store but it made a return last year in 2017. Which amazing because this is a great launcher. It has a ton of amazing features which make the android experience buttery smooth. It has smart folder which automatically categories the apps and makes the app drawer more sorted. Another great thing about the launcher is that it has contextual feed for your events, calls, and more. The only downside is that the app takes a while to learn about your habits but once it learns them it does the job really well.

Evie Launcher

Cost- The launcher is absolutely free.

Evie Launcher has to make it to the list of best launchers. The launcher is really lightweight and does not strain the phone. It is a fast launcher with some really unique features. To begin with it uses the Pixel Launcher’s style app drawer which you can access by swiping up on the screen from the bottom. It comes with icon pack support and a no dock mode. The launcher also allows you to change the grid size that is on your home screen. The launcher is extremely versatile with features like unread badges. It also lets one customize widgets.

Lightning Launcher

Cost- Anywhere between $1.99 to $4.99

This has to be my favourite launcher on the list. It has scripting support which means you can use JavaScript to customize the launcher to do basically anything. It is easily the most customizable launcher ever. It offers features like multiple home screens and also allows you to change the home screens as per your convenience. With such amazing flexibility one would think that the app has quite the weight but it is actually really lightweight and makes for a very smooth experience. The app however does pose some difficulty in usage initially and it takes a while to get a hang of it but once you are used to it, it proves to be well worth the effort.

If you need extra customization then you can try nova launcher prime for Android (paid one) which cost you around $4.99. Nova Launcher is better option to customize your UI in own way.

Microsoft Launcher

Cost- The launcher is absolutely free on playstore.

Microsoft Launcher is not really a new launcher the app used to be called Arrow launcher but Microsoft recently decided to revamp it and it is now Microsoft launcher. The app is great because of the integration that it provides with various Microsoft services like their calendar and to-do list app. It also provides direct integration with Microsoft PCs. The launcher also provides gesture controls and customization features. The app is really useful for those who would like a better integration with their PC.

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