5 Essential Health Tricks to Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling


    1. Rest

    Getting enough rest is vital to your health every day. It is even more important when you are away. Travelling can be fun, but stressful too. You can utilize any down-time to meditate and calm your mind. A tired body or mind won’t perform as well as a rested one. And if your body doesn’t have time to repair itself, your chances of getting sick are much higher. To relieve pain or chronic illness, rest is essential, whether travelling to the grocery store or to another country. One resource is curedisease.com, where you can find information about general wellness.

    2. Plan Ahead

    Planning the trip itself is not the only preparation that is needed. Your body needs a plan too! Follow these tips to create a travel wellness plan before you go:

    • Exercise – Staying active, even if it is just walking, can give good benefits. If you have not been very active for whatever reason, then prior to your trip you will want to begin exercising, even as soon as you put the trip date on your calendar. If you already exercise 3-5 times per week, kudos! You are already in a good place.
    • Vitamins, Minerals, and More – Taking in vital nutrients can boost your immunity and assist in overall health. Multi-vitamins and juicing are not the only ways to increase your daily intake. Did you know spices and essential oils can have many health benefits also? Pure Path, for example, carries a wide variety of beneficial products.
    • Mental Preparedness – Will you be in a different time zone or climate? What about a higher altitude? Knowing the details of your destination can help you adjust once you get there, and help you prepare in advance.

    3. Hydration

    Hydration is always important. If you won’t have access to water for extended durations try to bring some in your luggage or in a backpack (if allowed). When your destination is a developing country, drink only bottled water or water that has been boiled to avoid getting sick. Avoid any water that smells of chemicals, even if boiled – bacteria will die off but chemicals will not.

    4. Avoid Junk Food

    It is so tempting to scarf down all the burgers, fries, enchiladas and free tortilla chips! But “road trip” foods such as chips and cookies contain so much sugar and lots of ingredients you can’t pronounce. Whether you started getting healthy for the trip or you adopted a great nutrition plan years ago, new and different food can bring excitement but wreak havoc on your body. Poor digestion, headaches and other pain can follow bad food choices – keep healthy by making good choices to avoid getting sick.

    5. Take Care of your Skin

    Using repellent, wearing appropriate clothing, and applying sunscreen will reduce the chances for infection from insects and sunburns. Mosquitoes and flies can carry some awful diseases and blisters can become infected. Our skin is the first layer of defense, so taking care of it is a definite priority.


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