SlideModel Review: Free PowerPoint Templates and Slides

Slidemodel Review

Whether you are a student trying to present a topic to your fellow students or a professional aiming to pitch in your idea to your seniors or the client, an attractive PowerPoint presentation is the key to impress people with your ideas. Of course, the data or points that you present need to have some sense in them!

But even after you have researched your topic well and gathered all the information that you want to present, preparing the right PowerPoint presentation needs the right choice of template or slides is important so as to present your ideas the right way.

 Slidemodel Review

In this, the website called SlideModel can actually prove helpful to you. So, the question is:

What does SlideModel do?

SlideModel allows individuals and businesses to create professional looking PowerPoint presentations with little effort and without the need of any design skills.

This website provides instant access to high quality professional PowerPoint templates and slides that make it easier for individuals to create impressive PowerPoint presentations to pitch in their ideas.

Ready-made slides and editable templates for PowerPoint from SlideModel can help you save a lot of hours of work. This access to ready to use PowerPoint templates will help you finish your presentations faster.

Why SlideModel?

Why should you choose the templates and slides provided by SlideModel to create your PowerPoint presentations? We have a few reasons for this:

  • The templates and slides available at SlideModel can be easily downloaded and edited by subscribers to this website. Users can create impressive PowerPoint presentations with the help of these templates and slides, with not much or absolutely no design skills.
  • The designers at SlideModel create high quality professional templates and slides that are perfectly aligned with modern trends and the current market needs. This ensures that you will be using a template or a slide that matches the current standards and trends. It will suggest that you live up to date with the trends in the industry.
  • SlideModel provides you great support. Their support team is available round the clock to assist any of their subscribers with any visual content needs. This ensures that you can best utilize their gallery of templates and slides for making your PowerPoint presentation, with their ready to help support team.

As a subscriber to SlideModel, you get to use your content, their templates and slides and their fantastic support team’s support to create and deliver professional PowerPoint presentations.

How to get started?

  1. In order to get started with SlideModel, you need to Sign Up with SlideModel. Sign Up with SlideModel only after checking out their subscription plans and pricing.
  2. Browse their content gallery with over 12,000 awesome PowerPoint templates and slides and choose the design you need.
  3. Download the .pptx files that are ready to be edited in your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

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Key Highlights

  • 100% editable PowerPoint templates
  • Compatible with all major Microsoft PowerPoint versions, Keynote and Google Slides
  • Modern 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Scalable vectorial PowerPoint shapes and icons that will never pixelate on being enlarged
  • Instant access and download
  • New templates every week
  • Helpful support team

Plans and Pricing with SlideModel

Before signing up with SlideModel for your everyday presentation needs, you should definitely check out their various different subscription plans and pricing. Opt for the plan that best fits your needs. The subscription plans with SlideModel are as follows:

  • 1-Day Access: $24 one-time fee that allows you to do 5 downloads
  • 3-Month Basic: This is a basic subscription plan with SlideModel with $59 quarterly fee that allows you to make 100 downloads per month and 10 downloads per day.
  • Annual Basic: Get the Annual Basic plan for $99 yearly fee that allows 200 downloads per month and 50 downloads per day.
  • Annual Unlimited: You can also choose the Annual Unlimited subscription plan of SlideModel that comes for an yearly fee of $199. This allows unlimited downloads overall and unlimited downloads per day as well. It also offers licensing for 10 employees and lets you save templates and slides to your cloud accounts.

Choose SlideModel to save hours of manual work and still create beautiful presentations with their awesome templates and slides.

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